The RIS faculty broadens the learning experience. The highly-qualified and trained staff not only implements the curriculum but also breeds enthusiasm for learning and questioning. Each teacher’s interaction with the students goes beyond the usual facilitator areas of pastoral and parental concern. Teachers are totally involved with the children, in it all academic and co-curricular activities. Be it in the sports field or the sphere of publications or debates, teachers take an active interest and share a healthy rapport with the students. Bringing back joy into learning is the SPSIAN teacher’s objective. Our multitalented faculty further gives impetus to the learning milieu as the School is a remarkable place to call, ‘Home’ for the better part of the day. Our teachers are a dedicated and collaborative group, which is committed to engage students in the learning process in an exemplary manner. The RIS motto of excellence is a dream that we strive to achieve. Higher, Stronger, Brighter : the three powerful words define our work and shape our goals. To achieve this excellence, we have a highly qualified faculty which aims at training the students to develop independent problem solving skills. The team of well experienced and extremely qualified staff is recruited professionally to attract the best talent possessing the required skills. Under the guidance of our most capable teachers, the students embark on the voyage to become wholesome individuals.

Sr#NameD.O.B.Education QualificationDesignation
1MR. RAJAN KHURANA 17-02-1981M.A(Eng), M.Sc -IT, B.Ed. Principal
2MS. DILPREET KHURANA 06-05-1981M.A (Maths), M.A (Eng) , B.Ed. Coord./ TGT
3MR. DILBAR ALI 04-04-1960M.Sc (Phy), B.E.d., M.A (Eng) PGT (Phy)
4MR. ANIL KUMAR 09-08-1976M.Tech, M.Sc, B.Ed. PGT (Bio)
5MS. ASHA RANI 09-08-1983M.A (Eng), B.Ed. PGT(Eng)
6MS. MANDEEP KAUR 10-08-1988M.Sc (Math), B.Ed. PGT(Eng)
7MS. MONIKA MARYA 18-07-1976M.A. (Hindi), B.Ed. PGT(Hindi)
8MS. MONIKA MARYA 18-07-1976M.A. (Hindi), B.Ed. PGT(Hindi)
9MS. ARCHNA MALHOTRA 01-08-1981M.A, (Eco) B.Ed., C.T.E.T PGT(Eco)
10MS. TARUNA 05-11-1984M.A (Sanskrit), B.E.d. PGT (SKT)
11MS. SEEMA 06-02-1990 M.COM,B.Ed. PGT (Com)
12MS. JASBIR 28-07-1990M.A, M.Phil (Music) PGT (Music)
13MS. RAMANPREET KAUR 20-03-1992M.Sc. (Chem), B.Ed. PGT (Chem)
14MS. POOJA 11-10-1985M.A. (His), B.Ed. PGT (His)
15MR. LAXMIKANT KAIBARTTA 22-06-1987M.P.Ed Wellness & Counselor teacher
16MR. DILBAG GOSWAMI 15-12-1990B.A, B.Ed. TGT(Hindi)
17MS. AMANPREET KAUR 22-06-1986M.A. (Eng), B.Ed. TGT(Eng &
18MS. POONAM DHAMIJA 01-12-1978M.A, B.Ed. TGT (Hindi &
19MS. GURWINDER KAUR 15-08-1985M.Sc- IT TGT (I.T & Math)
21MS. VANDANA 19-06-1993BCA, MCA TGT (Comp)
22MS. JITENDER KAUR 06-05-1988M.A.,B.Ed. TGT(S.St & Eng)
23MS. AMANDEEP KAUR 15-12-1987M.A, B.Ed. TGT(S.St & Eng)
24MR. JASPINDER SINGH 07-10-1990B.COM,MBA, B.Ed. TGT(S.St & Eng)
25MR. AMIT MEHTA 17-01-1988 B.Tech, B.Ed. TGT (Math & Sci.)
26MR. DHARMENDER SINGH 15-08-1991 B.A, B.Ed. TGT(Pun)
27MS. SAKHSHI 05-06-1996 B.Sc.,B.Ed. TGT (Math & Sci)
28MR. RAJAN GULATI 18-03-1990 B.Tech, B.Ed. TGT (Math & Sci)
29MS. KIRANPAL KAUR 08-08-1978 B.A, PGDCA, M.A, B.Ed. PRT
30MS. PARUL JAGGA 26-10-1983 B.A, M.A, B.Ed. PRT
31MS. SANAM 08-02-1993 B.Tech PRT
32MS. KAJAL 15-07-1993 M.COM,B.Ed. PRT
33MS. PREETI 10-05-1992 B.A, D.Ed.,HTET, CTET PRT
34MS. MONIKA 22-08-1988B.A., B.Ed. PRT
35MS. RENU MADAN 12-10-1980 M.A,NTT PRT
36MS. ROZY 15-08-1991 M.A, B.Ed. PRT/td>
37MS. MALKIT KAUR 18-01-1994 B.COM ,N.T.T. PRT/NTT
38MS. RUBY MARYA 23-07-1989 B.A, E.T.T,M.A. (Socio) PRT/NTT
39MS. RUBY MARYA 23-07-1989B.A, E.T.T,M.A. (Socio) PRT/NTT
40MS. RAJVEER KAU 18-07-1991B.LIB. Librarian
41MS. POOJA RANI 23-01-1986B.A, B.Ed. (IN SP. Edu.) Special Educator
42MR. DHEERAJ KUMAR 03-11-1983B.A ,B.P.Ed. D.P.E.
43MR.GAGANDEEP 18-09-199212th , A.D.C.A Clerk
44MS. SHRUTI 16-12-1991B. COM Clerk