About us


Impetus is laid on providing equal opportunities of education and self-emancipation to the students hailing from all sections of the society. We aim to do this by:

In a larger sense, we work towards producing students committed to nation building, uplift me of the society and promotion of human values.



We provide our students with a safe learning environment that helps them grow as unique personalities. We know that each child is different and hence a one size fits all teaching method would never do. We employ several innovative teaching techniques that impart knowledge and instill strong values into the child to become responsible future citizens of the world.

Along with traditional lessons, we encourage our students to open their minds to a myriad of extracurricular activities, from Music and Dance to clubs and games. We believe in the child finding their happy place in school; it doesn’t matter if it’s in the science lab or the Football field.


A school is only as good as its teachers, and we know we have to hire the best. Every teacher in our team must undergo a rigorous hiring process before attending the in-house teachers training program. Apart from observing lessons, the teachers have to give assessments to ensure their subject matter knowledge is up to our standards. We also train our teachers to adopt our teaching methodologies and ensure that they regularly participate in curriculum workshops and subject-specific seminars to stay updated at all times.

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