Activity Rooms


A special play room is here for kindergarten where children enjoy a varied and structured introduction to school life with an emphasis on learning through play. Activities performed here help young children preparing for the next move to kindergarten. We provide them soft ground area to play safely.

Music rooms:

Our music rooms are decked up with a variety of musical instruments which are accessible by all our students. Rigveda collaborates with Furtados School of Music and conduct musical showcase events and competitions, providing a platform for the students to express and enhance their talent.

Dance room:

At RIGVEDA, we have designated dance rooms and dance teachers to guide the students through the amazing art form of dance. We have various talent events throughout the year that allow our students to explore their interests and also brings them an opportunity to take their interests to the next level.

Art & craft Room:

We explore unique ability stored in the students. We do believe that all creative are creative but they need opportunities and that's what we provide them here.

We help them to develop their imaginative and practical skills. We help them to analyse an existing product as well as producing their own designs and practical work.

"Creativity is a concept to define, for it applies equally to the Scientists and Mathematicians as it does to the Artists". Here, they become both creative and imaginative problem solver, individual as well as members of a team.