Our Lab


Best-in-class Infrastructure: Our campuses are facilitated by the world-class infrastructure for academic and co-curricular activities. Our aesthetically and ergonomically designed classrooms make learning easier by removing physical hindrances and ensure that students are focused on learning. Equipped with modern infrastructures like Digi-boards, Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab, Biology Lab.

We enable every child to explore new ideas and learn through hands-on experiences. The campuses also offer facilities like shooting range , skating rinks and play areas that extend learning beyond classrooms.


  1. Physics
  2. Chemistry
  3. Biology

Labs: Since we highly emphasize on practical learning, our science labs are equipped with instruments of the latest technology. Expert lab assistants are present throughout laboratory sessions to provide guidance and ensure safety.

Computer labs:

The student computer labs are equipped with systems of latest configurations and high-speed internet easily accessible by students for regular classwork and individual projects. They are guided by teachers with great expertise to provide support and solve all their queries.


Our campuses include state-of-the-art libraries and digital libraries stocked with a variety of books offering a myriad of knowledge. Special libraries designated to primary and pre-primary students have also been provided.